Your Journey to Health and Wellness Starts Taday

 Our membership includes:

  • A wide variety of high-quality live and pre-recorded classes for all fitness levels
  • Donation-based classes = you’re in total control of your monthly wellness expenses
  • Live, interactive workshops
  • Mouth-watering recipes
  • Monthly Expert Interviews
  • Lifestyle tips for real people

about taday wellness

Who We Are

A collection of highly-trained instructors from all over the United States, our Taday Wellness team of teachers brings you a wide variety of live and pre-recorded classes to fit your busy schedule and your unique needs.  We offer you modifications during your class, just like we would if we were sharing a physical location.  No more feeling like you’re alone in your house, figuring it out on your own.

about taday wellness

What You Get

We’re your one-and-only stop for everything you need to become the healthiest version of yourself!

Too busy to catch a live Yoga class?  Check out our Video Vault for our pre-recorded options.

Miss interacting with a live Meditation teacher?  With your video on during class, we can Om together.

Need some tips on how to make healthy eats, because who has time to research???  We got you, don’t worry.  And you’ll wanna go back for seconds.

Tired of hearing mixed messages with regards to what’s good for you?  Check out our monthly Featured Interviews with actual doctors and experts who share their wealth of knowledge on topics like why you should care about your lymphatic system + how to make your own essential oil blends.



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