Yoga Nidra resets the nervous system by leading us into a deeply restorative state of being where we hover between sleep and wakefulness—awareness in a fully relaxed state.  During this guided, passive process we can more easily experience the ability to let go, surrender, and allow healing to take place where healing is needed the most.

Yoga Nidra is a powerful tool available to help all people. It has been scientifically proven to benefit those who are suffering from disease and/or other psychosomatic conditions. Yoga Nidra provides relief from experiencing trauma and grief.  From hard cases of autoimmune diseases to chronic pain, it allows us all to access a place where the body/mind/spirit can feel more integrated by healing at a pranic level.  Yoga Nidra is especially great for people who don’t think they are “good at yoga” by creating an environment conducive to supporting better sleep, rest and relaxation, and integration of healing at the level of the parasympathetic nervous system.  Practicing Yoga Nidra supports all other practices of yoga.

ALL LEVELS: Bring a beginners mind

PROPS: a blanket, a relaxing blend of your favorite essential oils, and/or an eye pillow 

Class price: $5 minimum

July 14 @ 18:15
6:15 pm — 7:15 pm (1h)

Afi Ayanna

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