Our spines are so important, and we often overlook their unwavering support for the rest of our body. In this spine-centered yin class, become friends with your spine; gently moving it with love and attentiveness.

Postures in Yin Yoga are held for 3-5 minutes to allow the opening of connective tissues.  While the poses are passively held, Yin Yoga can become intense considering that poses are held for a longer period of time.  In a 60 minute Yin Yoga class, expect to do an average of 8 poses and for an 80 minute class, maybe 10-12 poses.  For some, a Yin Yoga practice provides a much needed balance to Vinyasa or more active styles of Hatha yoga

Suggested props: 2 to 3 blankets, 2 blocks and, a couple of pillows or a yoga bolster

Class price: $5 minimum

September 28 @ 17:30
5:30 pm — 6:30 pm (1h)

Andrew Chaves

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