I think I’m an education junky.  When I was in court reporting school back in the early ’90s, I loved learning about so many different topics.  The diverse curriculum surprised me, and I was thrilled to learn all about legal and medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, English grammar, as well as the physical element of the shorthand machine.

Decades later, I continue to love taking classes.  Whether they’re in person or online, yoga-related or business, I voraciously eat them up.  Over the years I’ve enrolled in various online courses and seminars.  Beyond my 1000+ hours of formal yoga training, I’ve have taken several anatomy courses, a functional movement (as it relates to yoga) course, participated in an online yoga therapy symposium, taken a course on how to create a digital course (I’ll be launching my own course this time next year), as well as most recently a course on how to create a badass membership. 

Even prior to the days of COVID, many online educational experiences include a community element, and I super love that element.  It’s fun for me to get ideas from people further down the path than I am and to bounce my ideas off of them for feedback.  In fact, this past weekend I spent all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday participating in a (virtual) global membership creation conference where I discovered mind-blowing techniques and inspiration.  (Side note:  If you have an idea in your mind and you think a membership is a good option, reach out to me for more info.  I’m happy to chat all about it!)  It was so inspiring to hear from other members of the community who have built their online businesses, and I’m using this knowledge to propel me further down my path of our upcoming wellness membership experience.

In addition to the courses I take, I also enjoy reading books on various topics to keep my brain fed. From self-help to fiction, books keep my brain from turning to mush. And I don’t know about you, but I pretty much always have several books I’m reading at the same time. Generally, I have one or two I read during the daytime — you know, the ones that I need to be awake to read and

absorb — and another to read at night before going to bed. Most of the time I begin to drift off at that point, so I pick a book that will accommodate my sleepy mind and body.

Do you have any courses or classes that you’ve taken that you’d like to share? I’m always up for something new and would love to hear your suggestions. Leave a comment below or email me directly if you’d rather at Holly@TadayWellness.com.

Remember, a happy brain is vital to the cause, so keep it fed!