There’s a ton of research that’s been done about the benefits of getting in some movement each day. Some of those benefits include getting your lymph flowing, your blood circulating, and your joints lubricated.  It’s also great for your cardiovascular system and mental health.

If you already have a consistent daily movement practice, go you!  If you don’t, now is a great time to begin one.  I know that just thinking about doing daily movement might be overwhelming if you’re not used to doing it, or you might be feeling like you’ll get bored by doing the same thing every day.  With so many options out there – and most of them free – there’s really no reason not to get your groove on in some way, shape, or form.

So what if you’re someone who instantly shuts down just by thinking about this process?  Here are a few things that just might help you begin.  And if you already have a system in place, you can keep reading, too!  This thought exercise will help you, regardless of how much you currently move your body.

Take a moment to grab a pen and paper to jot some stuff down.  It’s mind dump time.

In a world without distractions and limitations, what do you like to do that gets you up off of your seat?  Write down what type of movements you’d like to do if you had no time constraints, no physical limitations, and no financial hurdles.

Once you’ve written down some ideas, is there a way you can begin any of those options now?  

In looking at your movement options, can you modify those to work into your life in some way?  If you have time restrictions, how could you do those fun activities for a shorter amount of time?  If that’s not possible, can you think of a slightly different variation that might have similar appeal and benefits?

As an example, let’s say you’re someone who jumps at the opportunity to go hiking every chance you get.  You love being in nature, and walking amongst the trees makes you feel so freaking good.  

Now let’s say you don’t live near a trailhead to go hiking each day.  How could you bring that same vibe into your life?  In this example, maybe you live near a park that you can walk in each morning before work and get in some movement and nature that way.  

If you have physical limitations that prohibit you from doing a movement that you might want to do, same thing here.  What ways can you modify the movements you’d like to do in ways that are safe for your body?  While you might need to get a little creative to find a solution, with a little brain power you’ll likely come up with some type of an alternative that will be an enjoyable substitute.  

While we have control over certain aspects of our movement practices, one thing that we can’t control is the weather.  Depending on where you live in the world, your weather extremes might be an issue with how and when you’ll move outdoors.

If that’s the case, what are your options?  What can you do inside when the weather prohibits you from being outdoors?  Again, allow your creative juices to flow to find an alternative.  

Don’t forget we live in the digital age and have the internet at our fingertips.  A quick search of the web can give you additional movement options by way of online classes, meetup groups, and audio enhancements (like music and podcasts) that might make your personal movement options expand.

Moving your body each day doesn’t have to be a chore or an additional expense.  By taking just a few minutes to determine what you want to do and how you can do it, you’ll be out of your bed or chair sooner than you might expect.