I’m gonna date myself here for a sec.  Do you remember the Donny and Marie show back in the ’70s?  I had a huge crush on Donny Osmond and dreamed of being Marie.  Remember their hit song that went, “I’m a little bit country, and I’m a little bit rock and roll“?  

Continuing on to Donny and Marie’s theme for this week’s blog, I’ll add in my personal twist:  I’m a little bit practical, and I’m a little bit woo woo.  I know that’s not quite as catchy, and that’s why they’re on stage performing and I’m sitting at my computer. 

All kidding aside, as we’re headed into a new year, it’s only natural to reflect on all that’s happened this year as well as to look forward to everything you’d like 2023 to be.

Thinking back to when I did the Design Your Decade workshop in January of 2020, no one had global pandemic on their Bingo cards at that point.  So, even though we don’t always know what direction life will take us in, it’s helpful to take a bit of time and co-create with the universe regarding the way you’d like your life to go.

To help get you started, I’ve written up some journal prompts for you to ponder.

Take a sec to grab some paper and a pen, maybe pour a cup of tea, snuggle in your favorite comfy chair, and jot down what comes to mind when you read these prompts.

Try not to overthink the answers.  Don’t get caught up in the “yeah, right”‘ or “how in the hell can that happen” or “there’s just no way” type of mental chatter.  Come from a place of anything and everything is possible, and allow your mind to wander.


Think of the people who are in your life on a regular basis. What changes would you like to make in those relationships this year? Think: parents, children, romantic partner, friends, family, and co-workers.


How is your relationship with money? Would you like to change it? Things to think about are: What’s your current monthly income, and what would you like it to be? Same with your living expenses: What requirements do you have, and would you like them to change? If you’re including savings in this section, what will you be saving for?


Most of us have some degree of wellness goals, and oftentimes those stem from negative self-talk. As you consider ways you’d like to improve your lifestyle, notice your internal dialog and move from a place of self-love and appreciation. With that in mind, what foods can you add or subtract that will help your body feel amazing? Same with drinks (hint: it probably should include drinking more water). What movement options are the best for your body, and how can you do them in a way that is kind and appropriate for your needs? Maybe your goal is optimizing a body system – meaning lowering your blood pressure, improving gut health, doing more cardio, or taking supplements. Also, in what ways can you improve your mental health?


Growth is an amazing process made easier when we are moving forward with intention and integrity. If you’re on a payroll, in what ways would you like to change your career? This might include advancement, finding something new, or changing roles altogether. Would you like to further your education? What does that look like? Maybe it’s going back to school, taking online courses, or reading more. How can you stoke your creative and artistic sides? Would you like to change your spiritual self? And, if so, in what ways?


If you’re longing to roam, where would you go? What would you do? Who would you go with, or would you go solo? Global or local, so many choices. Via planes, trains, automobiles, bicycles, or feet, the world is open for you to discover.  And if you’re still being cautious (as I am) regarding the pandemic, there are still lots of ways you can travel while keeping yourself and others safe, so no need to feel tethered.

After you’ve thought and journaled for a bit, take a few more minutes to decide where and when you’ll start on these new paths.  

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed or tossed back in the “I don’t know how I’ll do that” loop, pick the easiest task and determine when you’ll start.  For example, maybe you have lots of big dreams but you’re suddenly feeling like it’s all too big and unobtainable.  But if you had “drink more water” on your list, you can easily begin that one today, right this moment, and carry that action into the new year.  

Start easy and go from there.  Before you know it, your new year will be filled with all sorts of new and improved yous.