Getting a massage by a trained massage therapist is blissful.  But what if you can’t get in to see someone when your body needs some help?  Not to worry.  Here’s a DIY massage oil recipe that you can make in mere moments to help you feel better when you massage your cranky muscles.

Start with a carrier oil

Different oils have different properties.  Almond oil is a nice cross between being not too greasy and also not too quick to absorb.  Jojoba is a great oil base because it’s really close to your body’s own oil.  Coconut oil can be lovely on its own, because unless it’s warmed it doesn’t stay in liquid form.  Lastly, avocado oil is a great oil option, especially if your skin is really dry.

Scent it up 

Once you’ve picked your carrier oil, help it smell divine by adding in an essential oil (or a yummy blend of a few).  One *big* thing to note when choosing an essential oil to put on your skin:  Not all oils are good for skin application.  Some cause irritation, some will burn your skin if you go into the sun, and some aren’t safe for kids or if you’re pregnant.  It’s important to know which EO is safe for your skin before you add it to your carrier oil base.  Take a moment to search up your favorite scent before adding it to your oil just to make sure you’re all good. 

Some safe-for-skin essential oils include lavender, bergamot, frankincense, rose, and ylang-ylang.  There are others out there, but these are the super common ones.  

Combine the goods

After you’ve determined the essential oil or oil combo that you want slathered on your skin (and you’ve checked to make sure it’s a safe one for ya), put your carrier oil into a dedicated container.  If you’ll be using this often, keep it in a bottle of some sort.  If it’s a one-off kind of thing, placing it into a jar or other container is fine.

If you’re using about one ounce of carrier oil, 10-12 drops *total* of essential oil(s) is fine.  For two ounces, you can double that.  This is kind of a generic measurement starting point.  If you’re a weird fragrance-sensitive person like I am, start with even fewer drops initially to make sure you’re not going overboard.  

Also, if you happen to have added too much of one particular scent and you’re not super happy with it, add in more carrier oil to dilute it a bit.  Because you’re not crafting this to sell commercially, you can totally be a bit more loosey-goosey with the measurement.  And that being said, consider writing down your “recipe” so that you can replicate it in the future if you like what you’ve created.

Have some fun experimenting with this, and massage on!