As we’re learning more about CBD – including its benefits and usage – you’re discovering that there are many different ways to ingest this magical plant. 

There are so many yummy gummies out there, plus chocolates, mints, and the like.  But did you know you can create your own goodies pretty easily?  I know, it’s exciting. 🙂

Using a CBD isolate is an easy way to get the goodness inside yourself in your own way.  Whether you toss it in your salad dressing, add it to your olive oil as you’re sauteing your veggies, or you create your own tincture, the possibilities are endless!

Before I dive into a few recipes, I thought I’d breakdown what CBD isolate is.

To keep it super simple, an isolate is a single chemical compound – in this case, CBD – that’s isolated from the rest of the hemp plant material.  This means that it’s totally separate from its THC counterpart, meaning you won’t get high.  CBD isolate is a single cannabinoid in pure, powder form, making it easy to add to a carrier oil and consume however you’d like.

Using an isolate makes dosing super easy.  That’s because, when using a CBD isolate, it’s upwards of 99% CBD.  So if you’re using a 10mg serving of the isolate, you’re ingesting 10mg of CBD.  This is different than when you put on a CBD lotion, for example, because the CBD is just a small part of the ingredients list.

CBD isolate is also free from the cannabis scent and flavor, so using this form gives you the effects you’re looking for without the cannabis extras you may not vibe with.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about CBD isolate, let’s dive into some ways you can use it.

To make your own edible tincture, you’ll blend the CBD isolate with some coconut oil.  You can also use palm kernal oil, but I like coconut the best.  Other oils don’t provide as much bioavailability (meaning your body doesn’t absorb it as well), so go for the coconut oil if possible.

Now let’s get cooking! 

Combine 3 grams of isolate and 2 ounces of coconut oil in a double boiler saucepan.  Add two inches of water to the bottom pan and heat everything up on low to medium heat.

Dissolve the isolate by gently stirring.  Once dissolved, remove the CBD-infused oil from the heat and allow the tincture to cool.

After it’s cooled down, use a funnel and pour the tincture into a two-ounce bottle (using one that has a dropper lid with a 1ml serving line for dosing).  Keep this refrigerated for freshness.

Use this tincture as is, starting out with a low dosage amount to see how your body responds.  Not sure what that amount should be?  Check with your doctor.

You can also use this tincture as the base for cooking, so long as the coconut oil won’t unintentionally change the flavor of your dish.

Because the base is coconut oil, you can absolutely use this on your skin as well.  So many options for such a simple recipe, right?  

Here’s the CBD isolate that I recommend, but you can buy it wherever you’d like.  Just be sure it’s the good stuff and not filled with a bunch of junk.

Another way you can blend CBD into your meals (and I’m talking desserts now), is by buying CBD-infused chocolate like this one and adding it to whatever you want.  Just be mindful of the amount you’re consuming so you don’t end up gobbling up the whole bar in one sitting.

If CBD is your new pain-relief method, enjoy experimenting with the many ways you can add it into your life.