*TW technical issues:  If there are technical difficulties on our part (say the teacher’s internet service is down), your class donation will be used for a future class.  We do our best to provide quality, live classes, but sometimes the internet gods can throw a curve ball.  Thank you for being understanding if that happens.

*Member technical issues:  If there are technical difficulties on your end, we’ll do what we can to help you figure things out prior to class starting.  But once class time begins, we’ll need to teach and won’t be able to help you at that point, and no refunds will be given.  It’s best to log into class 10 minutes before class is scheduled so you can work out any kinks ahead of time.

*Removed from the live class:  If for some reason your connection gets disrupted during class time and you’re no longer a part of the GoToMeeting room, the teacher may not be able to readmit you.  This is because the teacher is teaching the entire class and it is distracting (and sometimes impossible) to go over to the computer to let you back into the room.  We know this can be frustrating, so if we’re able to readmit you, we will.  If we’re unable to, unfortunately no refunds will be offered.

Cancellations and Refunds

*Membership Cancellation:  If you need to cancel your membership, simply log into your member portal and follow the steps to cancel.  Do note that you need to cancel prior to your membership automatically renewing and that the membership is not prorated.  That means if you decide on the 15th that you want to cancel but your membership renews on the 29th, you won’t receive any credits or refunds for the unused dates.

*Transferring Memberships:  Taday Wellness memberships are not transferable and are limited to the individual member enrolled in our membership.

*Membership Auto-Renewal:  If you’ve enrolled in the monthly membership payment option, your credit card will be automatically charged each month.  If you’ve purchased our annual membership, your credit card will be automatically charged when your membership expires the following year.

*Refund Policy:  Taday Wellness offers no refunds on any services or products offered on the Taday Wellness site or membership experience, excluding what is outlined above.


*Cameras on during live classes:  Please keep your camera on throughout entire class, workshop, and club experience.  Failure to do so will result in the member being removed from that class, workshop, or club without any refund or credits given.  This helps our teachers offer modifications as well as removing any possibility for inappropriate behavior.

*Member Conduct:  All Taday Wellness instructors and members will be treated with kindness and respect.  While we don’t anticipate in unsavory behavior, we do reserve the right to remove any member for any reason determined by Taday Wellness staff, at our sole discretion, and without warning.

*Member Removal:  Inappropriate behaviors and actions will not be tolerated and will cause the member to be immediately removed from the class and/or the community.  Taday Wellness will review the situation, which may result in the member being permanently removed from the membership.  If the member is removed from the Taday Wellness membership, no refunds or credits will be given to that member.

*Tolerance:  We have zero tolerance for racism, classism, body shaming, overt aggression, and passive-aggressive behavior in our classes, workshops, clubs, and community.  Any member engaging in such activities will be warned and then removed if the actions and/or behavior continues.

*Recordings:  Members are not allowed to film or record, either digital or audio, any class or workshop without the prior written consent of Taday Wellness.  If discovered, the member will be immediately removed from the membership without warning or refunds.

Tips For Taking A Live Class

*Create a nice space for yourself:  Move the furniture if needed, set up your mat if using one, and grab any props necessary for that class and your body’s needs.  Getting all set up prior to class beginning is a great way to ease into your self-care.

*Camera location:  Don’t hesitate to reposition your device when needed so you can see the teacher easily without straining your neck.  Just be sure you didn’t accidentally unmute yourself in the process.  If you did, simply re-mute yourself so the rest of the class doesn’t hear your environmental noises that come with daily living.

*Silence the device notifications:  Close other tabs, especially with websites that have notifications.

*Turn off your phone:  Whether it’s all the way off or just on Do Not Disturb, having your phone quiet will give you a better experience.  It also gives you privacy, because what you can hear, everyone else can as well.

*Consider keeping the kids and pets out:  We love them all, especially after we’ve practiced self-care.  But they can sometimes be distracting or even create a dangerous situation if they’re underfoot, so see if you can have them stay in another room while you’re taking class.

*Stay for entire class if possible:  We understand that sometimes leaving early is necessary.  Whenever possible, stay for the whole class so your body gets all the goodness being offered.

*Log in at least 5 minutes before class begins so you can make sure your tech is all good:  Sometimes there’s a connection difficulty, other times your device might be having issues.  Trying to join a class at the last minute might be too stressful and cause you to miss the class, so jump on 5-10 minutes before start time to ensure you’re good to go.

*We lock the meeting room once class has begun:  If you try to join after class has started, you won’t be admitted in and won’t receive a refund for your donation.  Definitely log in several minutes beforehand so you’re sure to enter in time.

*Internet stuff happens:  Be understanding and patient if it happens to the teacher, another student, and yourself.  Sometimes the internet might go out, a mic may be wonky, or a power outage might occur.  We are all doing the best we can, and no one wants our members to have an exceptional experience more than the Taday Wellness teachers.  We appreciate your patience when the internet gods aren’t working in people’s favor.

GoToMeeting Guidelines

*Camera on:  Please keep your camera on during the entire class.  Need help with this?  Ask your teacher prior to class beginning.  If you just can’t figure it out, email Holly at TadayWellness@gmail.com so we can schedule a tech session with you.

*Use the mute button:  Generally we mute our students during class.  This prevents everyone from hearing your dog bark or you breathing heavily.

*Keep yourself muted:  Make sure your mic stays muted during class unless called on by the teacher.  If you move your device, sometimes the mic might accidentally unmute.  Please check every now and again during class to make sure your mic icon is red (indicating its muted) during the entire class.  And please don’t take it personally if the teacher mutes you at their discretion. 

*Full-screen teaching:  If you’d like to only view the teacher during class, click on “View Who’s Talking” on your screen, then click “Who’s Talking” so you only see the teacher.

*White Circle in frame:  Use the white circle with three dots to help edit your name and other features.

*Audio and video icons:  Click on the mic icon and camera icon to turn them on and off.  Red = off, green = on.

*Gear icon:  The gear icon gives you further audio and video controls, if needed.

*Class recordings:  We record each class for the safety of staff and students alike.  These are stored in the cloud and won’t be used for any other purposes ever.

Don’t see the answer to your question? Check out our Membership FAQ page, or email us at TadayWellness@gmail.com