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Empowered Health, Reimagined

Come join us inside!  We’re getting our confetti ready to throw when you’re in.

fitness for every body

We believe we’re stronger together and our supportive community reflects that.
We believe in helping each other stay motivated
and acknowledge each other’s successes.
We believe in personal evolution.

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How it Works

Exclusive access to our Taday Wellness membership gives you:

  • our unique Path To Wellness system 
  • actionable lifestyle tips 
  • expert interviews
  • book and movie clubs
  • recipes galore
  • live donation-based classes!

$16.95 per month 

fitness for every budget

Inside you can take unlimited classes offered by a wide variety of highly-trained teachers.

Each class is donation-based, meaning you’re in control of your wellness expenses.  

Your Journey to Health and Wellness Starts Taday

You want to get healthier.  You want to be stronger.  You don’t know where to start or how to keep going.  You feel alone on your wellness journey.

Your life is about to change, my friend.

Inside our membership you’ll find friends, teachers, and a Path To Wellness.

No longer do you need to figure things out on your own or worry about whether or not you’ll hurt yourself during a workout.  We got you.

We offer a wide variety of high-quality class options to keep your motivation levels up and your stress levels way down.

Take as many classes as you like, and don’t forget to check out our upcoming workshops + book and movie clubs as well.

We’ll give you mouth-watering recipes that are oh-so-easy.  No more wondering what’s for dinner when you’re already starving.  And you’ll never feel deprived because eating for your wellness doesn’t have to be restrictive.

about taday wellness

Our Vision

You shouldn’t go broke trying to get healthy.

Our live classes, led by world-class teachers, are donation-based.  Because we believe wellness should be accessible to everyone.

We believe fitness teachers should make a living wage.  That’s why our instructors keep all of the money they earn from each class, enabling them to support their families as well as their own health.

We believe in quality fitness and wellness modalities.  We created our exclusive Path To Wellness system — highly-curated resources designed to help you decipher your wellness requirements and find the best way to navigate your personal Path To Wellness — so that you are that much closer to achieving your wellness goals.

We consider our members a part of our family, and we’re here to support you in every way we can.  We believe we’re stronger together, and our loving community reflects that.

Join the community

Your Path to Wellness

Your Taday Wellness membership opens the doors to a revolutionary way to become your best self.  Inside you’ll gain access to incredible wellness resources including our Path To Wellness system, recipes that will make you excited to cook, monthly interviews with leading experts in a variety of wellness fields, and lifestyle tips you can actually put to use.


Our compassionate and supportive community will encourage you, keeping you motivated and inspired every step of the way.  We’ll celebrate your successes with you and remind you that you’re not alone on this journey.

Membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to our Live Classes
  • Unlimited access to our Video Vault
  • Path To Wellness system
  • Exclusive Recipes + Lifestyle Blogs
  • Access to our Movie and Book Clubs
  • Members-only discounts on Workshops

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