The lymphatic system doesn’t have a series of muscles (like the circulatory system with the heart) that move the fluid around. It needs physical movement! 

Here are just a few ways to get your lymph movin’ n groovin’:

  • Jump on a trampoline/rebounder — this is great if you have cranky joints that would make something like jogging a painful chore.
  • Dance, especially with your arms up and moving around!
  • Jump rope
  • HIIT workouts (full-body = ideal)
  • Strength workouts (with or without weights) that alternate muscle groups: Doing upper AND lower body movements… not just a “back and biceps” day or a glutes-only workout.
  • Go for a walk, but add a little bounce/pep in your step! Walk like you’re a spring! If walking on concrete doesn’t suit your body, go to the sand or on soft earth… *Bonus points if you’re barefoot #Earthing.
  • Foam rolling + other myofascial release techniques (even massage!).

Make sure you hydrate (as always) after your movement, so residual toxins and waste are flushed out. The lymph fluid is 95% water, and without proper hydration, the fluid gets more viscous and doesn’t move as well. So drink that H2o, folks!

If you want to get into the nitty gritty of how fitness and the lymphatic system are related, check out this short video by Thomas DeLauer as he breaks down the science behind exercise and this insanely undervalued body system: