FREE Sound Bath, Meditation, and Breathwork with Deb Padilla

Do you suffer from “monkey mind” or negative thought patterns that you feel are out of control?  Do you tend to be reactive when things don’t go your way?  Do you feel tired, beat down, or stuck in an unhealthy pattern due to stress and anxiety?  

You have the ability, through daily practice, to quiet the mind and create peace even in the most stressful of situations.  The first step is awareness.  

In this *FREE* virtual workshop, we will discuss the benefits of breathwork, sound bath therapy, and meditation + learn tools and techniques to create your own daily practice.  

Join Deb Padilla, Certified Meditation Teacher, as she demonstrates several breathing techniques and their benefits, the sound tools she uses during a typical sound bath session, and why they are important.  She will also take you on a short journey into mindfulness meditation and how such meditation disrupts negative thought patterns. 

Though this workshop is FREE for TW members and non-members alike, if you feel inclined to give Deb a few bucks for her time and energy, below the sign-up form are some ways to do that 🙂