This month we’ve been diving into the world of essential oils.  Whether you’ve created your own unique blend, purchased a bottle that’s already been pre-blended, or you just want to keep it to one singular oil, you’ll need a way to safely enjoy the fragrance.

While it’s not very complicated to incorporate EOs into your life, some techniques are better than others. 

One of the easiest ways to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy is by using a diffuser.  You’ve probably seen an electric diffuser somewhere, whether at a store like Home Goods or even in a doctor’s office.  This type of diffuser is plugged into an outlet and usually has a timer feature of some type.  Water is put into the reservoir, along with the essential oil or oil blend, and then like magic the cool steam and fragrance are wafting through your nose.

Tea light holders are another popular way to diffuse EOs.  The holder might be made of ceramics, terracotta, or even glass, and it has a little bowl-shaped top to put the oils in.  Underneath/inside the holder is a place to put the tea light, which, when lit, warms the oil and produces a fragrance.  These are nice – but you’re using an open flame, so caution is totally necessary.

An easy way to spruce up your space is to make a scented mist.  This is a super simple option.  Get a clean and unused small spray bottle and fill it about three-quarters with water (filtered or distilled water is best).  Add several drops of your EOs and you got yourself a customizable air freshener.  

Another technique is to put the essential oil drops onto a tissue as the holder.  In this case, you could tuck the tissue inside your clothing (being mindful that it is *oil*, which can mess up your clothes), keep it in your hand and frequently bring it closer to your nose, or place it on something nearby for a more subtle variation.

If you feel like you’d rather put the oil or oil blend directly on your skin, be warned that some essential oils can cause irritations, allergic reactions, and might even cause sunburn when you go outside.  (Did you watch my Expert Interview with Kelly Sprengelmeyer yet?  If not, go do that because we talk a lot about the specifics.)  

Be sure to use a carrier oil when applying appropriate oils to your skin.  A carrier oil could be any other kind of oil (such as coconut, avocado, apricot kernel, etc.) as the main base.  Then add in a drop or two of your EO to give you the results you want without any of the negative side effects the neat EO might bring.

If you tend to get warm (um, I’m looking at you, hot flashes), you could use a fabric fan with a few drops of EOs on it to help cool your temperature and your temperament at the same time.

Roll-on bottles can also be a nice way to apply essential oils to yourself.  These can be purchased pre-blended, or you can create your own blend (with the carrier oil being the majority of the liquid in the bottle).

Lastly, you can simply add a bunch of water into a pot on the stove, drip a few drops of EOS into the water, and let the steam infuse your space that way.

Again, be sure to check with your doctor before using essential oils, especially if you’re pregnant, are nursing, are on medications, or have kids or pets around.