I used to pride myself in having the mentality of doing all the things, pushing harder, getting the job done no matter what.  Whether that was while I was going to school full-time and working part-time as a waitress or juggling being a business owner as a single mom with three kids, I put my self-worth in line with how much I accomplished.  Even when I’d be in the middle of a Lyme flareup, where I felt like I was 95 instead of 45, I continued to push myself to get everything done.  

Now I can see just how detrimental that has been to my overall health and well-being.

When we shift from a grind mindset to a kind mindset, we then meet ourselves where we’re at in each moment of the day.

On a physical level, this means I adjust my activities based on how my body is feeling.  That could translate into me doing a slower and softer yoga sesh rather than hiking on my local trails, taking frequent rest breaks when I’m doing yardwork, that type of thing.  

In the past, I’ve written about different techniques for helping your body feel happier.  This one gives some options on how to switch things up so your body gets all sorts of varied movements.

This one goes into why muscles tend to get tight.  It’s helpful to understand this so that we can make adjustments that might be able to prevent the tension from even occurring.  

On the days when you feel like you’re running on fumes, it’s vital to allow yourself some time to rest.  Here’s a post I wrote a while back that goes into that idea a bit more in-depth.

When it comes to our emotional selves, meeting ourselves where we’re at is just as important as making physical changes based on the moment.  If you’re feeling edgy, cranky, or downright pissed off, the techniques in this post and this post can really help. And this post goes into specific meditation and breathing techniques to help smooth your rough edges.

Feeling scattered and unfocused?  Use these Ayurvedic principles to help you come back into a more balanced state.

Need help getting motivated?  This post gives you all sorts of tools to get ya up and going again.

Shifting my approach to life has been a huge game-changer for me.  But it hasn’t been effortless, not gonna lie.  These patterns run deeeeep, so to expect instant reprogramming is unrealistic.  However, just because it might take a bit to remember to meet yourself where you’re at doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.  

On the contrary, my friend.  

Give yourself this gift, and take time each day to check in, see where you’re honestly at, and then make any adjustments needed.  It’s time well spent.