With 2020 close to wrapping up, it can be easy to look back on this year and think of it as a total shit show.  And, let’s be honest, to some extent that’s true. 

But when we take a moment and quiet our minds, it can become easier to find the nuggets of goodness that were sprinkled throughout the year.

One place we can start with is our health.  If you’ve been able to remain healthy and covid-free, that’s a big thing to be thankful for.  If you’ve recovered from the virus — even if you have lingering symptoms — this also gives reason to be thankful for your body’s determination to get well.  Have you been able to build your strength during this year?  Let’s not forget to celebrate that.

Another source of gratitude could be for our family.  While this one may be a bit dicey — especially if you’re not super close with a family member — it might help to remember that we’re all imperfect and all have traumas that we’re living through.  If you have family members that you are close with, let them know how much you love and cherish them.  And even if you’re unable to spend the holidays together in person, take advantage of technology and set up a screen time love fest.

An offshoot of family, we can also take a moment to reflect on our friendships.  I consider my close girlfriends as my sisters, one of whom I’ve been friends with for 44 years (how the hell is that possible??), and the other two for 19 years.  Our friends can bring such richness to our lives, and it’s vital that we continue to stay connected to them in this time of social distancing. 

Lastly, we can appreciate that we have this gift of time.  Time to build relationships, time to explore our inner selves, time to create better habits, time to laugh, time to rest.  We obviously have no idea how much time we have on this planet, and enjoying the time that we do have is vital to our overall health and wellbeing.

May your hearts overflow with love and appreciation of the things you hold most dear.