I know that pumpkin spice everything is the go-to this time of year, but what if I told you there was another option that’s more versatile and boosts your digestion?

When the weather is cool, damp, and even downright cold, this Warming Sweet Spice Blend will warm you up from the inside out.  

You can add it to cooked fruits for a yummy dessert vibe, or mix it in with some cooked grains (like oats or rice) for a delish breakfast option.


2 TBSP ginger powder

2 TBSP cinnamon powder

1 TBSP cardamom powder

In a glass bowl, mix all of the spices together, and – voila! – your Warming Sweet Spice Blend is created.

These measurements make about a ¼ cup, so feel free to up the amounts to make a larger portion to keep on hand if it’s easier.

Because there’s no sugar in this blend, you’ll get the sweet flavor without the glucose spikes that might come with other sweet alternatives.  And you’ll also get the additional health benefits that come with these spices, such as anti-inflammatory properties, lowered blood sugar and blood pressure, plus mood-enhancing properties.  So much goodness in such a yummy blend! 

To ensure freshness, store this Warming Sweet Spice Blend in an airtight container.