During busy seasons (whether that’s our personal season in life or the season in the more traditional, broad sense), it can be easy to put ourselves towards the bottom of the to-do list – if not at the very bottom.  But what if we make a conscious, active decision to change that up this year?  What if – and hear me out on this – we take some time to give to ourselves this season?

If you’re on board with this idea, a great place to start is to be sure you’re getting enough rest each day.  One way to do that is as simple as going to sleep a bit earlier at night so you get more sleep.  

You can also take a micro break in your day.  Press pause on life for just a few minutes and close your eyes, then just do some slow belly breaths.  This technique is a great alternative to chugging an afternoon coffee and/or grabbing sugar when your energy is taking a dip after lunch.

Because most of us are chronically dehydrated, drink more water than you think you need to.  There’s no need to be excessive about it, but try to have even just one extra glass of water each day.  Just remember to stop drinking at least an hour before bed so your full bladder isn’t waking you up in the middle of the night.

When we gather with others this time of year, the sense of obligation can be a *lot* to handle, especially when dealing with family members that you don’t totally vibe with.  When possible, stay away from toxic people and remember that boundaries are healthy.  It’s okay to decline a hug or an invitation.  And “No” is a complete sentence.

It’s also the perfect time to start thinking about ways you can set your future self up for goodness beginning in January.  It can sometimes be difficult to make changes in the month of December, especially if you’re one who goes to several parties filled with yummy foods and drinks. 

Take a couple moments and write down the things you’d like to shift (be it adding in daily meditation, losing some weight, training for a marathon, not working nights and weekends, decreasing your booze intake, and anything else you’d like to add) and then set that list aside for a few weeks.  Once the holidays have passed, you can revisit that list and make a plan of action of how you can implement those changes in your life beginning next month.

What are other ways you can give to yourself right now?  This isn’t a go big or go home kind of situation.  Even the smallest things can have a huge impact.  Just ask the mosquito who’s trapped in a room with you.   

Take care, be kind to yourself, and stay well.