“Nothing is more important than doing what is right. That is so absurdly obvious that most people pay no attention to it. Most people seem to think that what is obvious is beneath them. They pass up truth in favor of something more intellectually stimulating.”

Paul Williams, Das Energi

What is “right”?  Is it the opposite of “wrong”, or is it its own concept?  What does “doing what is right” mean to you?  Maybe it has roots in the morals you were brought up with… Maybe it’s something you just found out yesterday.  Maybe “doing what is right” and doing the right thing are different.  How are they different?

What is Truth?  

Do you think truth is the same as Truth?  

Why capitalize a concept?

—- makes it mean more


Why do we blow past the notion of doing what is right?  

Doing what is right often doesn’t have the convenience that we are so accustomed to in nearly all other aspects of our life.

We don’t want to work more, struggle more, just so we can live in what we feel is “right” or true.

(Unless it means being right, then we will do whatever it takes).

Kindergarten-Crayon-Era teaches us to do the right thing.

“Being right” vs “right thing” vs “doing right”

truth vs Truth.

I implore you to tinker with these ideas.  No one else knows what’s right for you, only you.  Remember, as you only know what’s right for you (if you’re determined enough to find out), you ONLY know what is right for YOU.

“Don’t start thinking you know what’s right for the other guy. He might start thinking he knows what’s right for you.”

Paul William, Das Energi