I would definitely consider myself as body-curious.  I love learning about the ways the human body works, how the mind is such a huge influencer on the body, and how our acts of self-care positively impact our overall health.

Lately, I’ve been exploring the different ways my emotions impact my physical body.  

My anxiety presents in different ways.  In my actions, it comes through in my perfectionistic tendencies (hello, fear of rejection, and failure).  In my body, I feel my chest tighten.  

When I’m stressed, I might snap at my loved ones, toss and turn at night, or make poor food and drink choices.  All three have negative ripple effects that can take a while to undo, and all three make my muscles tighten and my pain levels increase.

In noticing what our bodies tend to do in times of stress, we can gain a better understanding of what we can do at the first signs of those sensations.  For me, when I feel anxiety creeping in, my go-to’s are breathing and then tapping my chest.  (If you’re a Taday Wellness member, check out my recent Expert Interview with EFT teacher Dawn Pensack, as well as my tapping sequence from this week’s Members Only Movement blog post.)

We’re human, so stress, anxiety, and fear are a natural part of our human experiences.  Besides doing what we can to live in a relaxed sort of way, when we’re aware of the triggers that can set us off, we can apply our self-care tools almost instantly to help restore our internal balance even sooner.