Grab your cape, the world really needs you right now.

When I think about superpowers, various images come to mind.  From Harry Potter to Wonder Woman, Elsa from Frozen to Spider-Man (and a million other comic book characters), each superhero comes with their own glorious superpower.

But we all have one.  It’s that

thing — your thing — that sets you apart.  That thing that makes you unique.  The thing that, by default, causes you to be your best self. 

I don’t know at what point it was in my teaching career when I realized that I notice things about people that others might miss.  It’s actually a fun party trick for me to observe how someone is standing or walking or maybe in a Warrior 2 and be able to tell (usually with incredible accuracy) what part of their body is causing wonkiness in other areas. 

You might have even been the recipient of one of my quizzical gazes in class — the one where I tilt my head to the side, slightly furrow my eyebrows, and keep looking at your knee or foot or hip or whatever until I come to a conclusion.  Then I’ll ask you about it, and — sure enough — you actually are recovering from a slight ankle sprain and your other hip is totally bugging you right now.

Detective Yogini, at your service.  Just one of my many superpowers.

So what’s yours?  If you don’t have an instant answer, start with these questions to help narrow it down:

What are you passionate about? 

What comes naturally to you? 

What do your friends come to you for help with? 

What makes you completely lose all sense of time when you’re doing it?  

What have you been really good at ever since you were a little kid?

When makes you feel like your best self when you’re doing it?

When my superpowers are activated, I feel more alive, like I’m glowing (in a non-radioactive sort of way), and feel totally in my groove.  Once your superpower has revealed itself to you, if it hadn’t already, notice how your body feels the next time you’re in full superhero mode.  

So what’s your superpower?  And how has it impacted not only you but others around you?​  Please share in the comments so we can all celebrate how super you are.