I’m such a fan of easy, yummy foods and drinks, and it doesn’t get much easier (or yummier) than this seasonal spiced tea.

In addition to being warming, this tea has zero caffeine, meaning you’ll get energized naturally without worrying about the caffeine crash.  It’s also great for your digestion and will make your house smell delish while it’s on the stove.


Any combo (or all) of:


*cinnamon sticks

*black peppercorns

*cardamom pods

*star anise

*fresh ginger (peeled)

This is very customizable, so you get to determine how much of whatever spice you’d like. 

And if you’re like, come on, I need some guidance, start with this:

*20 cloves

*2 cinnamon sticks

*15 peppercorns

*20 cardamom pods

*5 star anise

*2 inches of fresh, peeled ginger, sliced into thin strips

Put all of the spices you’d like into a large pot filled with a ton of filtered water.  This would be a minimum of 8 cups of water, but no need to measure.  Just eyeball it to make a bunch.

Once the water and spices are in the pot, turn the stove on to medium-high heat and get the water to a slow boil.  At that point, turn the heat down to low and let it simmer for the day.

Fill up your cup, sip, and enjoy!  And once you’ve finished your cup, go get some more!  (Just don’t forget to turn off the stove later.)