In 2019 a friend of mine mentioned to me that each year she does a Word Of The Year.  I hadn’t heard of that tradition, but I instantly knew it was something I’d like to participate in.  2021 will be my third year of working with this practice, and it’s given me lots to ponder as I decide on what my word will be.

Words I’ve chosen in the past have been “dedicated” and “rise”.  

As I contemplate word potentials for this upcoming year, I think of options that will remind me of my bigger vision – for myself, my business, my personal growth.

At this moment, the top contender for my 2021 Word Of The Year is “mindset”.  This popped into my brain a few days ago, and it keeps whispering to me, asking me to choose it.

Overall I’d say I have a pretty good mindset on most things.  I’m generally positive (though don’t get me started on politics or that positivity goes right out the window).  

Where “mindset” as my word speaks to me is in relation to the thoughts that are in the corners of my mind, the places where doubt and worry, scarcity and concern hide.  This is where I could use the mindset adjustment.

When we have a specific word to contemplate on for a year, it causes us to reflect on its meaning often, to address those places inside that we chose to put a spotlight on, and to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

While thinking of your word, consider any goals that you may have for this upcoming year, areas you’re looking to develop within yourself, aspirational words, or qualities in others that you’d like to cultivate within yourself.

Options might be happiness, peace, uplift, presence, bloom, soar, believe, fun – you get the idea. 

One big note:  It’s worth mentioning to be careful what you wish for.  If your word is, say, patience, then you’ll definitely be put in the position to practice patience often.  Not that I’m advocating you shouldn’t be patient.  Rather, find a word that exemplifies the quality you want to invoke in a way that is positive and proactive (and not stressful).

What word best describes what you want to call forth for next year?  Take a few minutes to write down some options.  Don’t overthink it.  Have fun, take your time, and listen to what word keeps whispering to you.