For the last several years I’ve chosen a Word Of The Year.  What started as a suggestion from a good friend has turned into a yearly ritual that I look forward to.

In case you haven’t heard of this practice before, it’s pretty self-explanatory:  You’ll pick one word to keep in the forefront of your mind for the whole year.

Previous words I’ve chosen have been dedicated, rise, and mindset.  I picked each one for various reasons – some obvious, others a bit more personal.  This year I’ve chosen FOCUS.  




1.  the center of interest or activity.
2.  the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition.


1.  (of a person or their eyes) adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly.
2.  pay particular attention to.

Focus is an excellent word for me this year, by the sheer nature of all that I have going on in my business(s).  Taday Wellness has big things coming on the horizon, my Ayurvedic coaching business is blossoming, and my upcoming Rituals For Longevity course will launch to the world, allowing me to have an even bigger impact on the lives of others.  By reminding myself to focus, I can be more effective with my time and energy output and not get lost in my business self.

It’s also appropriate because I tend to get distracted pretty easily.  Whether it’s disappearing on my phone, in emails, or having my mind come up with a million different ideas, I tend to drift away from the present moment more often than I’d like.

The word focus will also remind me to take even more time to, well, focus on myself and my personal needs.  In the past, I’ve tended to put myself lower on the list.  This word will remind me that I’m a priority too.

Do you have a Word Of The Year yet?  If not, what would it be if you did?  Sometimes the word comes quickly for me.  Other times it took a bit more time to settle on the right word.

One note when deciding on your WOTY:  Be careful what you wish for.  If you’re considering having the word patience be your word, guess what might happen?  You just might be given many many opportunities to practice being patient.  Same thing with something like warrior.  Warriors are always prepared for battle, and often go into battle and come out wounded.  Not to say that either of those words shouldn’t be chosen, but just choose a word that’s complete definition is something you’re ready to embody for the year.

If you need some help picking your word, take a few moments and see what comes up.  Sit quietly for a bit, connecting to your breath.  This will help you clear out some of the mental clutter, opening up your thoughts to bigger ideas.

When you’re ready, let your mind wander to word potentials.  You can even have a pen and paper nearby to jot down options.  Once you feel like you have some possibilities, do a quick search on the meanings of each of the words to make sure that they still align with your vision of 2023.  

Keep weeding out the words until you’ve decided on your Word Of The Year.  Once it’s been decided on, write down your word and have it visible for you to see often.  That might be on a Post-It near your desk, on your mirror, or on your fridge; maybe as a screen saver on your computer, or even as the background on your phone.  No need to be super crafty about it (unless that’s your jam, and then have fun!).  

To take this practice up a notch, schedule a few minutes each month (or week, or even daily if you feel like it) to sit and meditate on your word – how you feel about it, ways you’re bringing that into your life, ways it’s shown up, whatever.  You can even journal your revelations and then refer back to that journal at the end of the year to see all that your word has brought into your life.

Your Word Of The Year is deeply personal.  Enjoy the process of coming up with one – and also don’t get too caught up in the word searching that you get overwhelmed and ditch out on the whole idea.  

Happy New Year, and Happy New Word