Being in full holiday mode can mean that our already busy lives have a bigger time crunch on things.  Oftentimes what gets shaved off is our own personal self-care.  What should be at the top of our list (our health) is generally one of the first things to go when we’re busy.  

Here are some movement options for when you’re short on time but still putting yourself first.

*Take a quick walk around the block

It doesn’t have to be miles and miles to be effective.  If you’re in a time crunch, throw on your tennis shoes and go for a short but brisk walk to help your lymph flow, your circulation improve, and your overall well-being get a boost.

*Jog in place for a few minutes

Have a break in your schedule?  Get off your chair and just jog in place for one or two minutes.  If you do this a few times a day, it adds up.  For an extra boost, engage your core, add some arm movements, and smile.

*Have a mini dance party

You know I’m a fan of a dance party.  Whether you throw on a short playlist of songs that bring out your best moves or you just dance with yourself in silence, you’ll elevate your mood when you dance like nobody’s watching.

*Do some isometrics

If you’re super pressed for time, do some isometric movements in your chair.  It’s simple but not necessarily easy.  Sitting up straight, tighten up your glutes (buttocks muscles) and hold for as long as you’d like.  Release, and then do the same with other body parts.  This could include your arms, abdominals, and leg muscles.  You’ll build strength in no time.

*Do some squats

Brushing your teeth?  Do some squats.  Putting your shirt on?  Do some squats.  Picking up something from the floor?  Do some … you get the idea.  The point is you can add in things like squats to other activities.  Just be mindful that your form is good.  Keeping your knees in line with your second toe (the one next to your big toe) is important for good knee health.  Also, if you have knee issues, you might not want to do this option.

*Crunch it

There are a bazillion different types of crunch variations out there.  If crunches are a good option for your body, you can bust out a few in a super short amount of time.  Doing this a couple times a day will help strengthen not only your core but also your back.  Hello, easy six-pack.

*Incorporate workout movements into other activities 

As I mentioned above with doing squats while brushing teeth, you can add in movement and strength-building activities into just about anything.  For example, if you’re vacuuming, try really engaging your core, your glutes, your legs, and your arms.  Talk about a whole-body workout!  Make a game out of it by seeing how many muscles you can involve in your daily activities, then notice how much stronger you’ve become by doing “nothing”.

*Do something high intensity for one song  

I find if I know a time frame with things, it makes it easier.  For example, we posted a Ghost Busters workout for Halloween, where you do different movements for different parts of the song.  Same with our sweaty AC/DC “Thunderstruck” challenge. Get creative with your favorite motivational song. 

*If nothing else, just stretch  

We sit a lot, we get tight and cranky muscles, we’re just stiff.  All of these can be helped with the simple act of stretching.  You can even stretch before getting out of bed!  It doesn’t need to take long, nor does it need to be fancy and specific.  Move organically.  If it feels good, yay!  If it doesn’t, stop and try something else. 

The key with all of this is to get some kind of movement in every day.  While shorty sessions aren’t ideal, they’re definitely better than nothing.  Your immune system will thank you, and your stress levels will lower.  Set yourself up for the win and carve out even just five minutes each day to do some type of movement.